1. Dear George

From the recording Dear George

Performed by: Georgette Jones
And Vince Mereno

         The recently recorded song “Dear George” performed by Georgette Jones (Daughter of George Jones and Tammy Wynette) and Vince Moreno is a tribute to the late George Jones. The lyrics of the song is an arrangement of titles from various past George Jones hit recordings culminating into the tribute “Dear George” written and arranged by Orange County Texas natives (George Jones home County) T.A.Collins and Mike Magnuson along with Nashville, TN singer/songwriter Sandra Laird.
          “Dear George” was originally written in 1991 by the title “Sing Together Again”. It was penned at that time by Collins and Laird with the idea that Jones and Wynette should sing together again after years of professional separation following their divorce in 1975. A demo recording of “Sing Together Again” was produced in 1991 by Magnuson and Collins in Orange County but it’s fate was sealed when, just prior to the release of “Sing Together Again”, George and Tammy actually did record another song together thereby nullifying the purpose of “Sing Together Again” rendering it  to lay impotent in the publishing company archives.
          On Friday April 26,2013 George Jones passed away following an illness. Magnuson heard of Jones’s passing that morning and contacted Collins who was in Honduras,SA. Magnuson asked Collins if he remembered the song “Sing Together Again” and that sparked the identical thought that Magnuson had: They needed to rewrite “Sing Together Again” as a tribute to George.
          Collins cut his Honduras trip short and flew to Houston,TX the next day ( Sunday April 28th ). He then drove to Orange,TX, picked up Magnuson and left at 9:00 Pm that same evening driving 750 miles to Nashville while working on the rewrite and planning recording strategies as they drove.
          Arriving in Nashville the next afternoon, and, via the aide of friend, Zack Miller (a Nashville Video Producer), they began booking Studio time and finding vocalist for the session. It was Tuesday evening before arrangements were finalized for The Studio and Singers. Everything was ready for an 11:00AM Wednesday morning session, except; the song rewrite was not complete. So Collins and Magnuson resumed working on the rewrite, and, at 1:00Am Wednesday morning, the rewrite was finished and ready for the 11:00am session.
           The intended result was to have a George Jones sound alike singer as the lead vocalist with a Tammy Wynette sound alike singing harmonies. However, the Wednesday session singers didn’t work out as planned so Magnuson stepped in as vocalist which resulted in a good demo to aid the search for the ideal singers.
          The demo was sent to a Nashville friend and successful songwriter Rick Tiger whereby Rick sent the demo out to some of his Nashville music contacts receiving very positive comments which lead to locating Vince Moreno (George Jones sound alike). Vince liked the song and the idea and agreed to record it. Rick then asked Moreno if he knew someone who could sing the Tammy parts and he said he did - that person turned out to be, to everyone’s surprise and elation, Georgette Jones.
          With Collins, Magnuson, Rick Tiger and Dave McAfee (Toby Keith's drummer) producing the session at 526 Studio in Berry Hill, TN, Georgette came in and sang the harmony parts with Vince doing a great job singing lead. However, after listening to the recording, Magnuson and Collins decided that Georgette (being George’s daughter) should sing the lead vocal with Vince singing the harmony parts. That revision required arranging another session a few days later bringing both singers back into the studio for a 3rd recording session which resulted into the finished product “Dear George”.
 All Principals involved agreed with Georgette that the song should be offered to George Jones’ fans free of charge for their George Jones music collections .
Click the download link at the top of the page to get your free copy of “DEAR GEORGE”.
The song is presently receiving radio airplay in areas of Texas and plans are to have all friends, families and George Jones Fans send the song out to their internet friends and families along with the above web site information for their music collections and/or their George Jones memorabilia collections.
We Hope you enjoy the song as much as the gang did writing, producing and working with Georgette and the production crew.